If you are a levy collector, you will need to use this form - the Buyer Created Invoice - to tell us how much levy has been collected.

If you are a grower and have made direct sales (that is, by yourself), you will need to either fill out a Direct Levy Declaration form for fruit or vegetables

Alternatively, you can go to our Direct Levy Payment website and work out the amount with our direct levy calculator. You can also pay online with your credit card.

The brochure Guide to the Vegetable and Fruit Commodity Levy is a guide for all growers and collection agents who are responsible for paying or collecting the levy on fruit and vegetables.

For more detailed information on the HortNZ levy, growers should call 0508 467 869.

Levy FAQs

The rates were voted on by growers in a 2018 referendum.

Without a levy HortNZ would cease to operate. HortNZ’s prime reason for existence is to protect growers’ interests, increase fruit and vegetable consumption and improve profitability of the entire industry.

Yes, if you buy fruit or vegetables from or sell fruit or vegetables on behalf of growers you are legally required to deduct the levy from payments to growers and pay the levy collected on to HortNZ.

No, not without the approval of at least 50% of growers in the respective sector by volume and turnover. This would require holding another referendum.

If you have any queries about the levy, HortNZ, or need copies of any forms, please direct dial the grower freephone: 0508 HORTNZ (0508 467 869) or email

Register as a new grower

Commercial fruit and vegetable growers are expected to contribute a levy from sales of fruit and vegetables (14 cents from every $100 in sales) to fund the work of HortNZ. 

If you are a new grower, you should register with HortNZ to ensure you receive the benefits of your levy payments. These include:

  • HortNZ monitoring changes in government policy on your behalf, promoting the development of the industry, making submissions to central and regional government, giving policy advice and influencing change for your benefit as a grower.
  • Subscription to HortNZ's industry magazines: The Orchardist for fruit growers or NZGrower for vegetable growers.
  • Subscription to a weekly industry e-newsletter, containing advice and information for growers on current issues and upcoming events.
  • Direct access to HortNZ staff for advice on industry matters.

If you are already a registered member of HortNZ but need to update your details, use the form below:

Become an Associate Member

Only commercial fruit and vegetable growers can be active members of HortNZ.

However, Associate Membership of HortNZ allows us to extend membership to other companies and groups who, like us, want to support the horticulture industry's growth and growers' prosperity.

Full details of associate membership can be found in our by-law

Read more about HortNZ Associate Membership, current members and how to apply online