Associate Member By-Law

  1. All applications for Associate Membership are to be referred to the Horticulture New Zealand Board for a decision to be made for admission to Associate Membership.
  2. Each application is to include the reason that Associate Membership is requested.
  3. The Board will only grant membership where there is a benefit for the Horticulture Industry that in the Board’s sole discretion is of sufficient weight to justify admission to Associate Membership.
  4. Associate Members are entitled to use Horticulture New Zealand’s Associate Member logo on their web site and state they are Associate Members but they are not permitted to use their membership to market or endorse their products without the express approval of Horticulture New Zealand’s Chief Executive.
  5. Horticulture New Zealand does not endorse any product or any person or organisation that is admitted as an Associate Member.
  6. Annually the Board will review the list of Associate Members to ascertain whether they still have sufficient connection to the Horticulture Industry with the Board reserving the right to terminate Associate Membership at any time.
  7. Annually the Board will review the Associate Membership fee make such adjustments to it as it considers desirable.


Approved by the Horticulture New Zealand Board on 15 April 2021.