15 June 2021

It’s now just 10 days until early registration closes on 25 June for the Horticulture Conference 2021: Resilience and Recovery, being held on 5–6 August 2021 at Mystery Creek. 

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The programme has been put together with the entire industry in mind: from growers, packhouse operators, and logistics companies, to wholesalers and retailers, and researchers. 

Major themes include labour, climate change, freshwater, biosecurity and compliance, as well as the ongoing impact of Covid on labour, freight and cost. 

Given all that has happened and continues to evolve in horticulture, there is also a focus on wellbeing and ensuring the health and resilience of all the people that take part in the industry. 

Here is a list of some of the highlights:

  • Making Integrated Pest Management (IPM) work
  • Nitrogen management for sustainable vegetable production
  • Supermarkets, including the Commerce Commission’s investigation
  • How diversity can boost resilience and recovery
  • How to improve mental fitness
  • Labour and workforce development
  • Freshwater
  • What really goes on in Parliament
  • Unpacking regenerative agriculture.

We are confident that the diverse range of topics and speakers from New Zealand and overseas will stimulate discussion, offer insight as well as practical advice.  In keeping with the current environment, the length of the conference has been reduced to two days to offer you value for money and your investment in time. 

Click here to view the full programme and sign up for the conference.