SSE scheme update

9 November 2020

Supplementary Seasonal Employer (SSE) update

This week, the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has added some additional roles to the undersupply list.  All MSD regions except Wellington (which is not a high seasonal work area) now have some roles listed in the undersupply lists.  

The roles listed are general job roles for particular crop types and specify the period for which you can employ SSE visa holders without requiring a further application to MSD. Click here for more info.
MSD will be updating these lists on a regular basis.  At present, roles only go as far as February 2021, but they will be looking to extend the dates in early December 2020.  Growers/employers should contact their local MSD liaison person if they wish to have other roles considered for the undersupply lists. 


Employing SSE visa holders

SSE visa holders can be employed by either:

  • an employer with an approved SSE Approval in Principle (AIP)
  • an RSE employer with an approved Agreement to Recruit (ATR), where places haven't been filled by RSE workers, or
  • are filling a role in a Ministry of Social Development (MSD) region that's specified by MSD (click here for more info).

Click here for general information about SSE visas.
Click here for full information on hiring someone on an SSE visa.


SSE application address error

The RSE Unit at Immigration NZ is continuing to process SSE visas and Approval in Principle (AIP) applications. Please note the earlier SSE AIP forms had an out of date postal address but this has since been rectified. The correct addresses are:

Postal Address: PO Box 76895, Manukau Auckland 2241
Courier Address: c/- DX Mail EP71514, 20 Fairfax Avenue Penrose, Auckland 1061, New Zealand

If you are unsure if your SSE AIP form went to the correct postal address and you have not received confirmation, please contact the RSE Unit directly to check. You can email the RSE Unit at

For people interested in working for you as a horticulture employer through the SSE scheme, please advise the potential worker (the applicant) that they are required to provide a physical address, not a PO Box, on their visa application.  


Where to list job vacancies

In preparation for peak recruitment times, HortNZ has compiled a list of relevant recruitment websites.  Click here to view the list, which also outlines why you would use a certain site.
Worth checking out
Work the Seasons has received increased support from the Government and industry to help fill seasonal roles.  The GoHort job board is a free industry specific platform for permanent roles and internships, while Pick Tiki is a new initiative to recruit students for the summer harvest. Kiwifruit Jobs is a Facebook page set up by NZKGI to list kiwifruit job vacancies.