There are many ways to find a rewarding career or lucrative seasonal job in the horticulture industry.

There are thousands of jobs in fruit and vegetable growing, harvesting, processing, distribution and marketing across New Zealand. Seasonal work during harvest is a great way to get a taste for the industry, learn new skills and earn good money.

Explore the range of options out there are for finding a job in the horticulture industry.

Fruit industry

The New Zealand fruit industry exports more than $3 billion worth of fruit each year and is famous for its kiwifruit. There are a diverse range of jobs to support the industry, from orchard management, picking and harvesting, to scientific research.

Vegetable industry

New Zealand grows more than 50 types of vegetable, indoors and outdoors all year round, right across the country from Northland to Southland. Most New Zealand vegetables are grown in Pukekohe, the Horowhenua and Canterbury.

Education, training and scholarships

There are plenty of opportunities across New Zealand to ‘earn while you learn’ about horticulture and gain valuable skills you can apply across the industry – from getting soil ready for planting to making sure the fruit and vegetables arrive on the table, fresh and safe. 

The horticulture industry is most interested in the skills you will learn once you have started work.  Don’t worry if you feel you don’t have all the skills for some horticulture jobs as there is plenty of training available. 

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