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List of job recruitment sites

A list of the most relevant job recruitment sites for growers to use, with descriptions about each of them.

Industry backed job sites: 

GoHort Job Board

A free job board to post permanent positions for a hort industry audience, from entry level to senior roles. The GoHort website promotes starting a career in horticulture, with the job board offering an insight to the variety of positions and internships available.

Work the Seasons

Work the Seasons is free for employers to list seasonal roles such as harvest, packhouse or thinning work. Work the Seasons is the go-to site for listing seasonal horticultural roles, and is being backed by industry and government to help fill seasonal vacancies.

Pick tiki

A new initiative targeted at students, Pick tiki sets out to encourage more students to complete seasonal work this summer through new targeted marketing channels. GAP registered employers can signup to the program for free.


Kiwifruit Jobs New Zealand

An NZKGI Facebook page to promote job listings for kiwifruit roles. Job details can be posted direct to the page, or promote listings that are posted on other sites. To post vacancies, fill out the vacancies template here and email it to For more information about seasonal work in the kiwifruit industry, visit NZKGI’s labour page here



Let’s Grow
An apprenticeship program run by Primary ITO. Employers and people looking to become an apprentice can register through the site, where Primary ITO will then organise and support the running of the apprenticeship.


Youth job sites: 

Student Job Search
For recruiting university students, Student Job Search provides a free service for advertising roles. They also include an over the phone background check on applicants.

Youth Employer
A free service that enables workplaces to register interest in hiring 16-24-year-olds. The site also enables employers to have profiles which list opportunities (other than just jobs) for youths to develop job seeking skills, eg. business walk throughs, CV reviews, mentoring.


Paid services:

Job advertising services that are widely used nationwide, but aren’t specific to horticulture without filtering results. Mixed results from advertising due to lack of specificity.

The main two:


Trade Me Jobs


Backpacker & migrant job sites:

An all-in-one backpacker site to find jobs and anything else needed to live and work as a backpacker. It is free for employers to list short term or temporary roles unless they are a recruitment agency.

Seasonal Jobs
A very basic, but free, job site that primarily targets backpackers for seasonal work across all industries. The site also caters to kiwis wanting seasonal work.

New Kiwis
New Kiwis is a free site by the Auckland Chamber of Commerce site for employers to find skilled staff with international experience and qualifications. The site has a database of CVs, and can offer to shortlist candidates at no cost.

The PickNZ site was established to provide info to backpackers wanting seasonal work in the industry.  Backpackers (or job seekers) can fill out a form to capture details if they are available to work.


Info for jobseekers & attraction campaigns:

Opportunities Grow Here

This MPI website and promotion campaign was set up to promote opportunities in the primary industries in the wake of Covid-19.


The Summerfruit NZ campaign is promoting summer harvest jobs for summerfruit. The campaign is promoting the use of Work the Seasons for nationwide roles, and SSCO for the South Island.


Tools/Govt jobseeker info:

Connected is an MSD site setup post Covid, and is a one-stop-shop for job-seekers to find work, employers to find support or staff, and info about post-Covid government initiatives. To find staff, the site links to ‘Jobs during Covid’ below.

Jobs during Covid / Keep New Zealand Working
MSD site to help pair job seekers with employers in the wake of Covid-19.

Student campaign: Discover Possible, Dream Different
MSD site for students targeted at tertiary students leaving study. The site links to various other job sites and various employment tools.

New Zealand NOW: Your guide to living & working in New Zealand
A promotional govt website which details moving to live, work, study or invest in NZ.


Further job sites:

For a list of any and all job sites including region specific sites, check this out.