Launched in 2023, the Aotearoa Horticulture Action Plan was developed collectively, with input from industry, government, Māori and research providers. The plan belongs to everyone involved in the New Zealand horticulture sector.

It provides a guiding compass to achieve the ambitious goal of doubling the farmgate value of horticultural production by 2035 in a way that improves prosperity for our people and protects our environment.

The plan creates efficiencies by allowing the partners to align efforts and investment towards common actions.

Outcome areas

09 sustainability

Grow sustainably

Improving sustainability and mitigating climate change.

10 value

Optimise value

Domestic and export market and consumer needs are understood, data is well utilised, and the value chain is optimised for demand.

11 community

Māori are strong in horticulture

Māori participation in high-value horticulture triples by 2035.

12 scienceknowledge

Underpinned by science and knowledge

A strong research and development programme and consideration of Mātauranga Māori enables, accelerates and supports horticulture.

13 people

Nurture people

Horticulture attracts, retains and grows great people.


Key priorities

  • Adopt optimised and environmentally positive growing practices
  • Ensure water resilience (availability & storage)
  • Increase crop protection, management and biosecurity tools
  • Support horticulture with sound policy
  • Transition to a low-emissions economy
  • Optimise land-use adaptation.

  • Diversify market access and facilitate trade
  • Build the domestic market
  • Optimise production and value chain innovation
  • Utilise digital tools and data sharing.


  • Increase Māori workforce participation, training and qualifications
  • Increase Māori-owned land in high-value horticulture
  • Access capital for investment in Māori-owned horticulture
  • Support greater Māori ownership and control across the whole value chain
  • Develop and protect unique indigenous horticulture.

  • Catapult Tier 2 crops to a world-leading position
  • Optimise use of agritech across New Zealand's horticulture sector
  • Breed cultivars that meet future growing needs
  • Secure New Zealand's future global competitive position for Tier 1 crops
  • Support the rapid and effective establishment of Tier 3 crops.


  • Establish a coordinated capability framework for horticulture across Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Enable right person, right person, right place
  • Build a responsible and attractive industry
  • Support diversity and development.

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