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Govt to implement workplace vaccination assessment tool

25 November 2021

The Government has announced that in mid-December, it will be standing up an assessment tool for businesses wanting guidance on workplace vaccinations. 

In making this announcement today, the Government said the tool will provide ‘a clear legal framework to help businesses and other employers to decide about vaccinations in the workplace’.

The new tool will build on guidance and advice from WorkSafe, public health agencies, Business New Zealand and the Council of Trade Unions.

The tool will have four criteria, at least three of which must be met before a business can require vaccination:
  •   Workers are in an area with less than 100m2 indoor space
  •   Workers work less than 1m apart from other people
  •   Workers are routinely near others for more than 15 minutes
  •   That the workers provide services to people vulnerable to Covid-19.

In the meantime, growers and packhouses can consider using the WorkSafe guidance tool.  

Access the WorkSafe guidance tool

Preparing for Covid-19 – Checklist for growers

Is your business prepared for a positive case of Covid-19? 

It’s important you have a plan to ensure your orchard or packhouse can continue to operate if you, an employee, or a family member contracts Covid. 

The checklist below is intended to help you create a plan in the event you are unable to look after your crops, staff or business.