In 2019 the current Commodity Levies (Vegetables and Fruit) Order came into effect. HortNZ is required by law to renew this every six years. Fruit and vegetable growers will be asked to vote on a new Commodity Levy Order in May-June 2024.

The Commodity Levy Order is the legal basis that enables us to collect a levy from fruit and vegetable growers and to carry out the following on their behalf:

  • Research and development
  • Market and trade research, development and promotion
  • Industry promotion
  • Development and implementation of quality assurance
  • Education and training, including attracting people to the industry, and developing and retaining them
  • Information and communication, including advocating for and representing growers
  • Protection and improvement of the health of plants, including biosecurity activities
  • Day-to-day administration of HortNZ, including central grower registration system.