Reports & research

Below is a list of reports and research that HortNZ has commissioned as evidence on issues of importance to horticulture.  

Reports & research

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Rootstock survival for New Zealand orchards

October 2023

HortNZ commissioned Plant and Food Research to model the rootstock survival irrigation requirements of apple trees in a range of New Zealand regions.

PDF, 3.6 MB.

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Review of District Plan Frost Fan Provisions

August 2022

This review outlines the different rules and provisions for frost fans across various districts, with a focus on those districts that have horticultural industry reliant on frost protection for their crops.

PDF, 827 KB.

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Agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration from a range of perennial horticultural crops

July 2021

HortNZ commissioned Plant & Food Research to examine the potential carbon sequestration across ten different orchard types in New Zealand, and shelterbelts.

PDF, 794 KB.

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The health and health system cost impacts of increasing vegetables prices over time

August 2020

A University of Otago study on the health and health system cost impacts of increasing vegetable prices over time.

PDF, 1.1 MB.

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NPSFM Horticulture Mapping and DIN-E Coli Review

October 2019

HortNZ engaged Collaborations to undertake a high-level assessment of the rivers and streams that drain through potential horticultural areas.

PDF, 6.6 KB.

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Review of food security policies

July 2019

A review of food security policies published by Sapere for HortNZ. Review written by Vhari McWha, William Li and David Moore.

PDF, 350 KB.

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New Zealand’s food story: The Pukekohe hub

August 2018

Deloitte produced a report detailing the current economic, social and community benefits of fruit and vegetable growing, and primary processing in the Pukekohe growing hub.

PDF, 1.6 MB.