Stronger by working together

25 January 2024

I hope you and your families managed to take some time out and relax a little over the festive period. We’re pleased to see the back of 2023, which was an extremely challenging year for the horticulture sector.

2024 is going to be another big year for HortNZ. In March 2025, HortNZ’s existing Commodity Levy Order, our primary funding mechanism, will expire and we’re seeking grower support for the continued funding of the organisation. We are about to begin the process of engaging and discussing a new commodity levy with growers, as are several product groups.

We are looking forward to meeting as many growers as possible ahead of our upcoming levy referendum.

Without grower support in this referendum, HortNZ will be wound up, so it's crucial that you engage in the process and have your say.

Your support for HortNZ enables us to help you make more informed decisions, provide tools and services to enhance your productivity and profitability, and ensure your voice is heard. We also advocate on your behalf for sound and sensible policy settings.

The horticulture sector is certainly stronger by working together.

Collective investment by growers provides the size and scale needed to achieve things that no individual grower can achieve alone. Collaboration with government and industry partners enables the sector to expand traditional markets and explore new opportunities, fostering a resilient horticulture sector.

No matter the size of your business, the type of growing system or product, we are the united voice on issues affecting all growers at both local and central government level in areas such as environment, compliance, access to land, water, labour/people and biosecurity.

HortNZ advocates relentlessly for regulatory settings to provide an environment where growers can thrive whilst providing a reliable and resilient supply of fresh vegetables and fruit for New Zealand’s and our international markets.

As the enabler of initiatives like A Lighter Touch, HortNZ advocates for growers’ needs and equips them with knowledge and the tools to address the challenge of meeting consumer demands for safe food that is produced under sustainable pest management programmes while also being gentle on the environment.

With growers continuing to fund HortNZ, it enables us to continue pushing the case of growers with Government in key areas including water storage, ensuring the reliable supply of healthy locally grown fruit and vegetables, streamlining assurance processes, employment flexibility, removing current legislative barriers to businesses and providing certainty for Pacific workers and employers.

Look out for more information about the levy referendum and grower meetings in the next few weeks.